Seizing the boom at Ulwe

As Mumbai expands on all sides, because of its geographical conditions, it is forced to make connectivity better and develop every land available to be able to accommodate and suit all needs. Ulwe has along with all these developments transformed from being a sleepy suburb to a sudden realty hotspot in the last 5 to 7 years. This transformation has taken investors and realtors by surprise. To an agricultural suburb to a modern city like it is today the change has been quite fast and tremendous.

With the plans for the new international airport to come into Ulwe, the land prices are already soaring and is expected to only keep rising with time. With a prominent conglomerate owning a large portion of land, residential and commercial development is expected to happen in the near future.  Although the pier at Ulwe is depilated and the port is inaccessible by big vessels, there are two vessels which carry passengers seasonally. This channel is also used to transport vegetables and fruits to Mumbai. Being extremely fertile in soil was the main reason this area was used for agriculture. There are also two famous river running through Ulwe and they are River Ulwe and River Ghadi. The fertile hectares of rich fauna had to be contained to be able to develop this place as it is today. The two famous rivers which made the soil so fertile are being diverted to bring in the new international airport. The Seawood-Uran suburban rail link is set to connect all the important office hubs to Ulwe through a mass rapid transportation system.

With IT companies slowly making their way into Ulwe, we can observe the patterned growth in its real estate market. Buyers usually tend to look for infrastructure in terms of connectivity, public transportation and proximity to railway stations and airports with amenities offered by the developers in property for sale in Ulwe, it will said to become a sought after neighborhood for investments. This will lead to further development in the area in terms of infrastructure and real estate. Since 2012 Ulwe has been seeing steady growth ranging somewhere around Rs.4100 in 2012, today the market price for a property for sale in Ulwe is around Rs.6500. With the already existing growth though the Navi Mumbai’s special economic zone this steady growth is expected to continue for the next 4 to 5 years as one by one the SEZs and other commercial developments start to come, which in turn will lead to further residential developments in the area.

Many new apartments for sale in Ulwe are coming up currently.  With the airport seeming to be complete by 2018, developers are considering that to be the biggest selling point in the area. Once the new airport and sea link roads gets completed, we can expect to see a whole new Ulwe with more buyers coming into the area looking for apartments for sale in Ulwe and buyers offering housing of all ranges. The analysts feel now is the right time to invest in a place like Ulwe, to be able to capitalize on its growth in the next few years.


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