How to make your home more liveable

Sometimes we just have really bad feeling when we enter certain spaces. You could feel closed in. breathless or just plain spooked. Whatever it maybe it is something that is real and something you feel. Don’t dismiss such feelings especially if you get this feeling inside your own home. Trust us you don’t want to live feeling uncomfortable under your own roof.

The good news is that this feeling can go away with some effort on your part. It’s actually part logic and part traditional believes that will come to your aid in this situation. So you don’t have to be ruled by these bad vibes anymore if you follow these simple tips.



Your house needs to be clean and neat if you really want to feel at home. So go on that cleaning spree and get rid of all the clutter in your apartments. Hording unwanted items over the years will take up plenty of unwanted space. Keep only the things that you truly need. You can donate the rest. This will bring you a sense of peace in the house and also give you happiness of helping someone else. Also get rid of things that are broken. Keeping broken things in your living quarters will sap away at all the good energy and leave you with a sense of unhappiness. So get rid of things that are not in working order as soon as possible.


Your sense of smell acts as a trigger to both good and bad memories. If your home smells bad that is not actually a healthy environment to live in. It would be a good idea to give your home a good clean. After you do that, you can light up an incense stick or a fragrant candle. It will lift up your mood if you pick the right kind of fragrances. You can also use other products such as room fresheners and sprays that are available in the market in plenty. You can also buy or make potpourri at home and place it at strategic points all around your house. Your apartments will seem more inviting to you and your house guests.

Doors and windows

The doors and windows to your house are important in more than one. They let in light and air into the house. They are also considered to be the gatekeepers of energy. They conduct the flow of energy into your living quarters. So if you ever feel that your home is feeling dingy open out the doors and windows as it will make a huge difference. It also makes sense to keep them extra clean at all times.

These are just some of the ways in which you can keep your flats fresh and liveable. They are simple and effect. Keep these in mind the next time you feel weird in your own house. You feel a whole lot better if you follow them.

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