Scandinavian principles of design

Scandinavian design concepts are the recent trending word in home decoration arena. Scandinavian designs became popular in early 1930s within five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It promoted simplistic ways of living and showcased various works by Nordic designers. The minimalist philosophy emphasized clean lines and simple designs that were inspired by nature and the Nordic climate. It promoted beautiful designs and quality, sustainable products that were affordable and easily accessible to people in all walks of life. Exhibitions showcasing Scandinavian design during the 1950s played an important role in the influence of these design principles in Europe and North America. Once the design trend hit the western countries it soon became very popular in the market. The idea of Scandinavian designs are simple and easy to follow.

The main idea of Scandinavian designs is to follow an idealistic, daily use approach to designing our home. It also supports, clear cut lines and uniform patterns of décor. Every aspect of home décor such as curtains, linens, furniture, lights, crockery, silverware etc., play are taken note of and given their importance in this principle. Many popular designers took to specialization in these Scandinavian design principles and took designing to greater heights. A few important Scandinavian design principles like listed below can help take your home to the next level in décor.

Carpets are not a preferred material in Scandinavian designs. Wooden floors with lighter tones became the trend in those days and even if the carpets had to be used they were only area rugs. One could never find wall to wall carpeting in the Scandinavian designed home. The designers believed it would make the room feel smaller and shorter by height while light shaded wooded floors could make the room appear vast. Warm wood and lighter tones of wood were used to accent walls, ceiling or sometimes just portions of wall to give the home a warmer look.


Scandinavian believe in use of organic and natural material. So the use of vinyl or other synthetic materials were largely reduced when these designs ideas became popular. So organic sustainable material were used on the ceilings, walls and furniture. Clean white walls with blue or gray toned textiles were also a common design principle. Bright pops of colors like yellow or orange amidst a blue or gray toned color décor also grabs the attention in design. Similar patterns with even running lines of furniture and décor is one of the biggest hit about Scandinavian designs. The simple and straighter the design, with attractive colors and simple furniture, warmer and cozier the room becomes.

Minimalistic décor has become the latest trend among people who want to use a class to decorate their home. While this principle was said to be most popular between 1930s to 1970s, it is fair to agree that this style has never gone out of fashion amidst minimalistic lovers and people who believe in less is best. Simple, practical and easy designs always rule the market.

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