Maintaining your Garage

Maintaining your garage well can add a lot of value when you are trying to put up your house on market for sale. Regular maintenance can help keep it in good condition in the long run. Maintenance can be as simple as keeping your garage door functional even if you may not use it as often and just be using your front door to go out and come back again. Maintenance could be keeping pests and bugs at bay. This could seem very pittance by has been of great impact when trying to resell the home. Considering these basic maintenance principles regularly could help save some big bucks in later days.

First of all the maintenance of your garage starts with maintaining the garage door. Most home owners face this issue of garage door getting stuck while opening or closing the garage. This could be due to not oiling the hinges enough or could be because of wrong winding. Sometimes when the door drops too hard on the ground or with usual wear and tear the rubber beading in the lower portion of the garage door breaks or gives way. This left un-noticed can cause leaks and pests entry. This can be avoided by monitoring and maintaining the rubber bush. Cleaning the garage floors often is the best way to throw out unwanted stuff from the garage. This will also help the home-owners notice if there are any bug infestation situations. Bug infestation is considered an emergency situation because bugs like carpenter ants and termites can really ruin your flooring and wood work done in the garage. They also pose a threat to the house and neighborhood. So it is advisable to contact a pest control service immediately and exterminate them as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye out for the garage walls and foundation of the home. Check them twice a year, once after winter and once after summer to fix any damage and leaks caused by extreme weather. If a damage or leak is identified, immediately contact your home builder or hire a certified professional contractor to fix it. Cracked walls, receding foundation can be a huge cause of concern when trying to resell the house. These mean that the home is structurally unstable and the whole house may have to be ripped apart to fix such issue. This can mean a lot of money needs to be spent. Hence catch the trouble early and fix the issue soon. Clean out drains and gutter frequently. In most homes drains and gutters leading out of the home pass out via the garage and clogged drains and gutters could be the beginning of a lot of issues.

Polishing and retaining the floor, painting the garage one in couple of years are an effective way to make the garage appear clean and maintained. Using apt storage organizers and storing things efficiently will help reduce clutter in the garage and make it look pleasing and solve the purpose.

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