Here are some things you should not store in your bathroom

Your bathroom should ideally be one of the cleanest spaces in the entire house. Imagine having to deal with a dirty bathroom. That’s a big put off. When it comes to using the bathroom to store certain things you have to take into consideration the overall condition of your restroom and then see if it’s suitable for the things you store.

If you take into consideration the overall humidity of the bathroom there are many things that cannot be stored but somehow still make their way there. Here is a list of things that are best stored elsewhere in your home.


Mixing jewellery with a humid environment is a strict no-no. The moisture from the bathroom in your house will seep into your jewellery and erode it over time. This might happen even if you aren’t wearing your bits and baubles during bath time but have just stored it in the loo. After spending quite a bit of money on your precious collection please finds a place that is fit to protect it.

Make up and perfume

The bathroom should not be the place to store all your beauty products. With the exception of soaps, shampoos and conditioners, it is best to store your make up products in room temperature in some other part of your apartments. Exposing them to the heat and humid conditions of the loo will make them less effective. It will mess with their chemical composition making them go bad over time. Same is true for perfumes as well. It is best to store these items in some other part of your house which is cool, dark and dry.


When you are neck deep into a novel and don’t want to part it with you might be tempted to take it into the restroom. It would be in the best interest of tome to limit its time there though. The temperate and other conditions inside this area are not ideal for the long term storage of anything made of paper. Paper and moisture are not the best combination. So it’s better to store your magazines and books somewhere else in your apartments.


This is actually a no brainer but most of us do it anyway. Electronic products should not figure anywhere in your restroom. The moisture and humidity there is enough to reduce the life of your favourite electronics product. If your gadget is not specifically designed to withstand the conditions of your bathroom its best not take it there in the first place.


Once again the culprit here is the moisture inside the loo. Storing anything linen is just asking for trouble. The bathroom is a place where a lot of mould and mildew can develop. This can cause a lot of havoc on the linens you store in the bathroom. It would be better to store your towels and hand towels in place which is dry rather than within the damp walls of your restroom.

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