What you need to be aware of when buying a home

We are all quite petrified when it comes to buying a home. It is by no means an easy task. It require a lot of time and more money than you can imagine to buy a home these days. Suffice it to say it is not a thing that one randomly walks into doing. It has to be a well thought out process which requires plenty of patience on your part. You are not going to land on your dream home without doing some leg work.

There are many things that you need to think about before you jump into the ocean that is real estate. You need to think about financial matters first and foremost. You have to be aware that buying a home is not equivalent to buying an electronic gadget where you make a onetime payment and you are done. With a commodity as expensive as real estate, a home loan has become a prerequisite. You also need to think about location etc.

Here are some of the things you need to sort out before you take the real estate plunge.

Money money money!

This is the be all and end all when it comes to buying duplex apartments in Bangalore or any other part of the country. If you are not financially prepared to shell out a chunk of your salary every month you are not ready to buy a home. This is applicable when you are going through rough financial times as well.

Once you have made your decision you need to set a budget. The budget is sacred. Try not to go overboard when you see premium apartments in Bangalore which may look fancy but will not make sense for you financially down the road.


This will save you like nothing else will when it comes to buying a home. You need to research about the locality you want to buy in. If you are looking for duplex apartments in Bangalore, then you need to narrow down the localities that will suit your needs. It should have all the basic infrastructure plus social infrastructure which you should never compromise on.

Once this research is over, it is time to move to researching about the projects and the builders who are present in the locality. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t go for an unknown quantity even if they offer the sun and moon to you. It always better to go with a known builder who has a good track record.


This is where you have to be extremely careful. Don’t take any short cuts. Do everything according to the law of the land. Don’t go for a project which does not have all the paper work ready. The title deed is the most important document when it comes to properties. Don’t buy property which does not have a proper title deed. This will prevent you from selling you properties in the future even it happens to be premium apartments in Bangalore.


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