Storage ideas for small spaces

You might have meticulously planned out your tiny rooms, but somehow, that clutter still manages to creep in. Rather than stack up boxes or use unsightly plastic trays, why not try some of our clever storage ideas to save space. Tiny homes hold the secret to clever storage, with their well-placed shelves and multi-functional furniture. They demonstrate that if you get creative, you can maximize even the most minuscule sliver of space. Make every inch of your home work hard with well-thought out and space-saving storage solutions. Every nook and cranny is crying out for your clutter, so take charge of your belongings and banish them to hidden or well-organised areas. If you are renovating your house, think about building storage space into the walls: Cubbyholes in the bathroom wall will create space for all of your toiletries, without using up valuable room around your bath or shower.

If you aren’t completely redecorating your home, invest in multi-purpose storage units that will only take up a single area in one room, but will store everything you need for the whole house. You need open shelves, perfect for storage boxes, which can sit above a desk consisting of a simple plank of wood. Folding or sliding doors keep all the clutter tucked out of sight. Where space is tight in a small kitchen, it is important not to waste even a millimeter of potential storage space. A thin pull-out cupboard, with multiple shelves or racks, offers the perfect solution and makes food supplies easy to view and reach. A TV can take up valuable space in your living room. Don’t allow it to. Instead, use it as a focal point to build storage around. Simple shelving and movable TV units, like this one on wheels, offer flexible solutions.

Choose a bedside table that can do more than hold a lamp and your phone. Cabinets and shelves keep books, magazines, and e-tablet within arm’s reach. Use a small bowl or plate to hold your jewelry, and baskets to corral medications and toiletries. Drawers are better at providing discreet storage than shelves. Surround the headboard with built-in shelves and cabinets that organize reading materials and other night-time essentials. By installing wall-mounted lights, you can eliminate the need for nightstands. Drawer dividers in your closets can be incorporated into your custom closet design, or you can buy organizers made of plastic, wood or metal. If a guest room or child’s bedroom is short on storage space, put in a built-in berth that doubles as a dresser. Instead of choosing a one-use-only chair, pick a flip-top ottoman that also has cushions to double up in purpose.  Utilize the area under the stairs which invariably is overlooks as just a dump space. Installing proper organisation systems here help with a lot of storage and also avoids vacant unused space that may eventually sore the eye. Be picky and creative while choosing furniture. Consider the main purpose of each furniture would be to multi purpose and this way it will be easier to pick out and create storage for small spaces in a property.

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