Rental properties in Sarjapur fetch good returns

Sarjapur is one of the most preferred destinations for real estate investment in Bangalore. Located in South-East Bangalore, this micro market is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the city. Due to its seamless connectivity to prime localities and Special Economic Zones such as the Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Electronic city and Koramangala, Sarjapur is home to many professionals employed by multinational companies.

Bangalore’s relationship with the Information Technology is something that everyone knows about. Reams and reams have been written about how Bangalore has become the Information Technology capital of the country. The real estate sector here is heavily dependent on this sector. Wherever there is a large concentration of companies those localities tend have major residential settlements. That is the case with Sarjapur as well. It has a thriving rental market as well because of its proximity to Information Technology hubs.

Sarjapur is one of the best localities in Bangalore and is an important real estate market in the city. It is located around 15 km away from Kempegowda Bus Station and Bangalore City Railway station. The airport is located around 45 km away from Sarjapur. It also enjoys a well- developed social network of leading schools, hospital, malls and banks. The Sarjapur Road which connects this micro market with many other parts of the city is well on its way to becoming an Information Technology hub. Companies are starting to set up their offices along this road. This will only help the micro market grow further.

Originally a hub for affordable 2 and 3BHK apartments in Bangalore, today Sarjapur is witnessing a growing trend for villas as well. With hefty pay packages and a desire for aspirational living, a lot of IT professionals prefer investing and living in villas in Sarjapur. From an investments point of view as well buying homes in this micro market makes sense.  A house for rent in Bangalore which is located here will never be without a taker because this an Information Technology hub. Besides this it is also well connected to other hubs from this sector. Flats for rent in Bangalore which are located in this micro market are taken by those who are working in the Information Technology companies in and around this area.

Flats in Sarjapur offer all the latest facilities and some of them are part of gated communities that offer a range of amenities, such as club house, gym, swimming pool, recreation centre and mini theatre. These can fetch good rental returns. Flats for rent in Bangalore which are located close to Information Technology hubs are a good mode of investment. You can rest assured that a house for rent in Bangalore will fetch a good price till such time the Information Technology sector reigns supreme here. The same hold true for a locality like Sarjapur. It is still an affordable property hub. Investing in this micro market today will help you in the future as it is still growing.

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