Why is Chennai’s realty situation looking up?

The real estate situation in the country has been evident to everyone for the past couple of years. The sales volumes have been coming down and there isn’t much growth happening with the sector. Prices have been steadily creeping up with no hint of a let down. This has forced end users to abandon their dreams of owning a property of their own. This is especially true of lower and mid income groups.

One of the markets which held strong despite the slowdown was the southern city of Chennai. This is because of the fact that this city was considered to be market driven by end users. When a city remains end user driven, speculation plays next to no role in where the place stands real estate wise. The growth experienced by the market will be organic and not forced. Prices rise will be a natural one when a market is end user driven as opposed to the artificial one seen in the cities where speculation has played a role. The latter does more harm than good as these artificially inflated prices will find next to no takers in the long run.

Even though Chennai was a strong real estate market, it was not strong enough to survive the lean patch that the country was going through. There have been a few reasons which had slowed down the market.

The floods which took place on December 1st, 2015 is one of the main reasons for the slowdown being seen in the real estate sector here. The death and destruction brought on by this unprecedented natural calamity had shaken buyer confidence in the city. It showed the city in a bad light in terms of preparedness to face such disasters. The lack of infrastructure really hit home. Buyers stayed away from low lying markets especially as these were the worst affected during the floods.

Another reason cited for the slowdown was the political instability being witnessed in the state. When such situations occur there won’t be a lot of confidence in the state. Many investors who can create jobs and wealth for the region might wait till the situation clears up might choose to relocate their project to another state which shows more stability. This in turn will have an impact on realty.

But things seem to be looking up for realty in the city. The sales numbers coming out of this region have given those in the sector hope. There has been a marginal increase in the number of homes being sold in the city. The inventory overhang also has come down. Villas in Madambakkam and more other such properties across the city are getting a new lease of life.

It seems affordable homes are driving this resurgence. Many of the homes which are being sold are in the below INR 50 lakhs range.  Besides this there are a whole bunch of governmental level policy changes which are aiding the real estate sector. Taking all these factors in, now might be a good time to purchase villas in Madambakkam or any other project you have been thinking about buying in Chennai.


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