For years, buying a home has been a measure of financial success. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions one makes during their life. This is primarily because an own house is usually the most expensive single purchase an individual or family can make, and often costs several times the annual household income. Given the high cost, most individuals do not have enough savings in hand to pay the entire amount outright. In developed countries, mortgage loans are available from financial institutions in return for interest. If the home owner fails to meet the agreed repayment schedule, a foreclosure, also known as a repossession in some countries, may result.

However, given all those terms, owning a home means having a space that is truly yours. It’s a significant moment of your life when you finally move into your own home. But owning one can be intimidating because of the responsibilities and obligations that come with it, combined with the initial process it takes to get there. This also means commitment and integrity for a longer period of life.

Becoming a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility, and here are the top reasons why home ownership is the best decision that you can make.

  • Homeownership is an investment: Unlike any other movable assets and many other purchases that decrease in value, a home is a purchase that appreciates over time. This creates the buying and reinvestment power better known as equity.
  • Homes typically increase in value, build equity and provide a nest egg for the future. It is so great an investment that it is always going to be a source of equity to borrow money to suit your changing financial needs such as infrastructural development, education of even medical expenses.
  • Your costs are predictable and more stable than renting because they’re ideally based on a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • The interest and property tax portion of your mortgage payment is a tax deduction. Owning a home can reduce the amount you pay in income taxes each year. Your mortgage interest and property tax payments may be deductible from your federal taxes, as well as many state taxes.
  • These tax deductions are highly significant in the early years of your loan repayment tenure when it is the interest that represents the bulk of your monthly installment repayment schedule.
  • When you buy a home and consistently make your monthly loan payments on time, you Build a Strong Credit History. Building a strong credit history in turn help you maintain a strong CIBIL score and this can help you become eligible for other loans in the future.
  • While home prices move in cycles over the short-term, if you stay in your home for a long time, it could increase in value and give you a substantial return on your investment.

So don’t wait any more. If homeownership has been on your mind, then go for it. But make an informed decision after consulting the right real estate expert.


Buy a Villa that eases your life!

Owning up a Villa is just like a dream come true for many of us out there! Isn’t it? Villas are spacious apartments located in the prime locality and in the suburbs. People look out to invest on a villa to get the best out of the property investment in the future. The only battle is between Villa and Apartment. Many vary between choosing an apartment in the prime locality versus villa in the outskirts. Let’s see how to evaluate Villa buying to the other property types. 

  1. The costlier one:

    Learn the cost of villas in different localities both prime and outskirts to figure the cost of apartments in prime localities. Comparison between the two property types will help you understand which one is the better option. If you have the budget to invest a huge amount on a villa in a prime locality, then nothing can beat the decision.

  2. Locality Search:

    Do not go about choosing Villas in the outskirts. Look out for Villas within the city and in the prime localities of your city. Also, do a quality check of the locality in terms of property appreciation with time. Talk to your real estate expert and understand the right areas to invest to get a higher return on investment.

  3. Resale Value:

    The main objective of property investment is the resale factor. We all secure our future by investing in a property because if in future we need to sell a property, the resale amount of the property is what makes the turning point. Any kind of investment is made to incur higher returns. Similarly, while doing your Villa Property search, know the appreciation value of the property in the next few years. This will help you in evaluating the best property.

  4. Know your finances right:

    To buy a property is not an easy call. One needs to have the investment amount in place. With EMI’s and other customized home, loans have made investment easier in the present. But, it is always better to phase out your finances. In case if one needs support from financial institutions, then one needs to know within how many years can the loan be repaid considering other lifestyle and health factors.

  5. Designing:

    After buying the property of your choice, shouldn’t it give you the feel of yours? Well, many people want to design their house their way. In case of an apartment it might be very restricted because of space, but when it comes to Villas, space is available in abundance. One can easily design the Villa just the way one has dreamt it. Find out that customizing the design your way shouldn’t be an issue. Hire an interior professional and welcome yourself to a dream house!

Yes, the choice of Villa is an extraordinary one. But when one has the finances, the security of the future and the warmth of feeling home, then nothing can beat this decision of investing in a Villa!

Touching Lives with Luxury

Homes that redefine serenity are Celebrity Serenity from the prestigious house of Celebrity Structure. Established few decades ago the firm is dedicated and visionary towards its goals along with extra luxury for every client who approach them. With several successful ventures accomplished it has moved forward creating better and more exquisite abodes abiding to today’s trend.

Celebrity Serenity is an ongoing project in the prime location of Bengaluru; Electronic Phase I. Surrounded by surplus IT hubs, manufacturing industries and automobiles, Celebrity Serenity is one lavish yet cost-effective villa. Professionals who work in these IT sectors have been eyeing this Celebrity Serenity for a plush living. The interiors and exteriors are designed with aesthetics and unique ideas which will leave you mesmerized.

Eco-friendly ambiance with awe-inspiring facilities is available for a complete living. You can be sure to experience a home amidst plush greenery and shining stars which will give you a feel of heaven on earth. The villas are spacious and are quite reasonable within desired budgets. Though it might look too much as of investment it assures that it caters high returns when compared to apartments or duplex homes. This has brought home buyers in flocks to invest in Celebrity Serenity.

When it comes to education, good schools, colleges with high standards can be availed to give you a better future. To have a fun-filled weekend you can avail shopping malls, cineplex’s, and entertainment centres in just minutes away. For all banking needs both nationalised and private banks along with ATM’s 24/7 can be availed. For food lovers you can have access to lip-smacking food joints with varied multi-cuisines are available which will leave your taste buds mouth-watered.

In case of healthcare centres top-notch hospitals with state-of-art facilities can be availed 24/7 for all your needs. Adequate water supply, power supply, security services round the clock and lifts are available along with special features like:

  • Swimming pool for a refreshing evening
  • Yoga and Multi-purpose hall for recreation
  • Gymnasium for fitness lovers
  • Exquisite badminton court
  • Exclusive Kids Play Area
  • State-of-art party lawn with barbeque pitch
  • Attractive Beach volley ball courts
  • Club houses to make your weekend fun-filled
  • Guest room for visitors
  • Library for book lovers
  • Intercoms that connects the whole community
  • Super market with all groceries under one roof
  • Place of worship

With these above ravishing facilities one can’t stop getting a home like this.  The celebrity Serenity is offered with 3 BHK with 1741 Sq. ft – 2074 Sq. ft at Rs. 64 Lakhs – 76 Lakhs on an average. When you invest in these homes and think of renting it out it is sure to give you a precise income on a regular basis. Developers here cater exciting offers during the launch of their projects such as Pre-booking discounts, down payments, attractive holiday destinations, Pre- EMI’s, and other valuable gifts.

So, grab one of these villas for a blissful lifestyle!

Apartments in Perumbakkam enjoy good rental occupation

Apartments in Perumbakkam have been enjoying good rental occupation. Placed strategically on OMR, the IT corridor of Chennai, the area has seen quick developments in the past five years. Once home to small scale farmers raising vegetables on the land surrounding the Perumbakkam lake, today it’s the ideal place of residence for many of Chennai’s visiting population.

Rental housing makes sure that completed unsold houses stay in the market. It can be said that apartments in Perumbakkam and many other areas benefit tremendously from the rental market. According to local real estate agents, rental prices of apartments in OMR generally have risen and Perumbakkam specifically has become a rental hotspot. There are many factors contributing to it. Let’s have a look at some of the prime ones.

Proximity to IT hubs:

Though OMR is lined with Tech parks and offices of IT giants along the entire stretch, it has two prime points: The Velachery-Taramani junction in the northern end of OMR and Siruseri at the southern end.  Perumbakkam is placed almost in the middle of both the pivotal points. It takes about half an hour for a resident of an apartment in Perumbakkam to reach Siruseri and about 40 minutes to reach Taramani. No wonder, most of the residents in the area are IT professionals.

Employment opportunities surrounding Perumbakkam:

What makes it more special for apartments in Perumbakkam is the fact that the area is surrounded by development and places of employment on all sides.  The Sholinganallur main road which continues to GST road as the Velachery-Tambaram road to reach Tambaram passes horizontally to the North of Perumbakkam. It houses Global Hospitals which is a 21-acre facility with a majority of international patients getting treatment. To the west of Perumbakkam is Medavakkam which has risen as a commercial hub. To the East, as well, is the IT corridor. Thus Perumbakkam is surrounded by employment opportunities bringing in migrating residents.


Perumbakkam is well connected to all prime areas of Southern Chennai. People from the area can easily access places in the GST Road such as Tambaram, Perungalathur, and Guduvanchery through the Velachery – Tambaram Main road. OMR connects Perumbakkam to other main areas such as Guindy, Anna Salai etc. It is also well connected to the East Coast Road through the Sholinganallur main road giving easy access to areas such as Thiruvanmiyur and Adyar.

Educational Institutions in the area:

Perumbakkam is one of the nearest residential area for students of Sathyabama University, Jeppiar and St.Joseph’s College of Engineering. It is also close to other colleges such as Hindustan University, KCG College of Engineering and Chettinad Medical College which are in the OMR. Thus a majority of occupants of apartments in Perumbakkam is college students.

All these factors together have created a sort of interest amongst investors for apartments in Perumbakkam. It must also be noted that rental revenue over an investment in the area is quite high. According to real estate agents, it is due to the fact that residents are predominantly people from outside Chennai. Most of the apartments in Perumbakkam are occupied by bachelors who are able to share and pay a considerably higher rent to stay in a place close to their place of work.

Rising locality for perfect abodes – Medavakkam

One of the hottest hubs for residential properties in Chennai is Medavakkam. This is due to the closeness of localities like Sholinganallur, Madipakkam, Velachery , Tambaram etc. Further, the area is under South Chennai Constituency which has endless IT corridors. Its consistent accessibility, transportation has made home buyers swarm like bees to this locality.

The apartments in Medavakkam, are quiet reasonable and within budgets than other localities in the city. The properties here have state-of-art amenities and ambiance which reflects a piece of heaven of earth. Some of the moving areas for apartments in Medavakkam are Babu Nagar, Vimala Nagar, VGP pushpa nagar, Aishwarya Garden, Soumya Nagar, BHEL Nagar, Royal Garden, RG Nagar, Iyyapa Nagar and so on. Apart from this some of the neighbourhoods of Medavakkam are Chrompet, Pallavaram, and St. Thomas Mount etc. Moreover, Medavakkam has soar to 6th largest place in reality out of 13 ideal residential spaces in the whole country as per a study taken in 2012 -2017.

Besides, the locality is best known for its ace and serenity. Adequate and fresh water, 24 hrs power supply and sanitation are the other adding advantage in these residences. The emerging metro is a major advantage for people living in that area. Further it is CDMA approved. Developers have started to excite investors and buyers with varied offers such as holiday packages, discounts on loans, no EMI’s and so on.

There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments at reliable cost. It comes in a minimum of 561 Sq.ft at Rs. 27 lakhs for 1 BHK and 750 sq. ft at Rs. 27 lakhs for 2 BHK apartments and 3 BHK flats at 1242 Sq.ft for Rs. 56 Lakhs. Apart from buying you can avail apartments in Medavakkam for rent within preferred prices.  The minimum price for rentals can be availed from Rs. 14,000 – Rs.21, 000 for 3 BHK with 1269 Sq.ft – 1418 Sq.ft, and 2 BHK from Rs.8000 – Rs. 20,000 with 700 Sq.ft – 1200 Sq.ft.

Apart from this, prominent schools such as Bharathi Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School, BS Matriculation School, Ravindra Bharathi Global School, Velammal New Gen School etc are there and for foodies out there, there are a chain of sumptuous restaurants such as AGS Restaurant, Anjappar , Cascade, Dindigul Thalappakatti, Grand Sweets and Snacks, Gupta Bhavan, Hotel Sri Raj Bhavan, Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan and so on. When it comes to healthcare, there many prominent hospitals like Vcure, Global hospitals, KP hospital, Annai Teresa etc. are present.

Other than this you can avail all top banks and atm’s 24/7, cineplexes, malls, etc are available to spend your leisure time and for shopaholics all branded retail stores, and other showrooms etc are just minutes away from the locality.

With these facilities and environment, Medavakkam stands tall amidst other locales when it comes to real estate. It has become a driving factor for people who look to invest in the south of Chennai. This has helped it growing and you can witness more ventures that are yet to come.

How schools impact real estate prices in the neighbourhoods

There is no denying that the quality of nearby schools can impact the price of a home. But while this fact has always been somewhat of a given in the real estate industry, recent statistics now demonstrate just how much of an impact school quality has on real estate. Moving for schools is a common practice for house hunters throughout the world, sometimes even for home buyers without kids. Many home buyers are willing to pay more for good schools and are even willing to trade bigger and better homes for access to quality school systems. Twenty-nine percent of the buyers listed schools quality as a deciding factor in their decision. The influence of school quality on house prices also feeds back into school admissions. Faced with strong evidence on house price effects and in an effort to give poorer children the opportunity to enroll in high performing schools, recent policy has tried to loosen the link between where children live and the schools they attend. The link between schools and house prices also sheds light on the general shortage of what parents perceive as high quality schools, influencing the policy measures to extend competition, choice and the quality and diversity in provision through the academy and “free school” programmed.

Spending on housing is spending on a bundle of goods: structural quality, access to transport, green space, shops, safety from crime, views, environment and so on, alongside school quality. The market price of a house therefore reflects the availability of these attributes and amenities, and buyers’ willingness to give up other forms of consumption to pay for them. Some buyers will actually come to these areas with the specific intention to buy a home there specifically for the excellent school systems. However, there are other kinds of buyers out there that consider schools as part of an overall equation in determining the desirability of a property. Real estate investors buy homes for very different reasons than the average nuclear family – yet they are coming to a similar conclusion on the desirability of homes located near good schools. This is a perfect example of how schools can impact buying decisions.

When discussing why good schools do what they do to property values, it is easy to get into a “chicken and egg” dilemma. On the one hand, it is possible to argue that good schools are responsible for increased property values. After all, we just discussed multiple reasons why buyers will seek out homes located in good school districts and pay a premium for them. The conclusion that good schools drive up prices is an obvious one. The basic procedure is to take the price of a house and its associated local school quality, and compare them with the prices of similar neighboring houses that offer access to a different set of schools. The assumption here is that the close neighbors provide a set of almost identical “twins” with which comparisons can be made.

Ideal Spring Decor Colors

Spring is considered the refreshing season of the year, when most people clean up from the long cold winter months, set out their garden and patio, re-do some decor to give a fresh look and appeal to the house. Spring is that time of the year when the flowers start to bloom and the whole place begins to look more colorful and green with all the natural bloom. It would be perfect decor idea to incorporate some of those colors into  the home decor too. Decor is a generalist terms depending on one person to other.  To a few it may mean adding some pieces here and there to add some new element of attraction. To few others it may mean re-doing some waiting home project which will make the home seems refreshing and new. Whatever the idea maybe, here are some suggestions and new tips on how one can effectively implement the design concept. That being said, colors are also person to person, mood oriented. But the points discussed here merely give a holistic approach to colors and creativity with some personalized touch will make the most impact.

After the gloomy dull winter months, adding some pop of color can be of good help to lift up the mood and get the family prepared for the next couple of months. The outdoorsy feeling can be brought in by incorporating some fun DIY decor on the patio and backyard. Setting up the backyard is a great way of welcoming the family to the outdoor spaces. Incorporating bright colors like Oranges, pink  or red shades, green shades create an outdoorsy mood. Moving to the indoors, the decors can be as simple as changing out the drapes, curtains and pillow covers. Some may even reconsider changing out the rugs or deep cleaning the existing rug and carpet to give it a fresh feeling. Adding blues and patterned blues help create a 3 dimensional cooler appearance. It also creates a good amount of distraction from the bright outside.

Spring days are oriented to rain. People can very much expect surprise rains on these spring days. These surprise showers help plants grow fresh. Adding some potted plants on the window sill and manually watering them can also help create an ambiance for spring. While adding larger plants with colorful pots on the outside of the house also help with gardening and then reap the fruits and flowers planted. Add some elegant fabric throws to the couch to help create a neat feel of the spring decor. Incorporate small and budget friendly DIY show pieces. These make the home look more personalized and help create a personal touch. For a relaxed, country look, decorate with a backdrop of chalky paint on walls, then pick a palette of raspberry and soft green for fabrics. A blend of leaf, floral and check patterns looks fresh and inviting. Start spring off right by embracing bright colors and unique combinations. The more creative one can get, the more unique and customized the decor would get.